School Boards Want Biden to Declare Parents “Terrorists”

By: John Semmens

Fed up with parents’ complaints about what schools are teaching their children, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) requested that President Biden add these parents to the terror watch list. In addition to the usual parent complaints about the inferior quality of the education, their children are getting are objections to some questionable content in the curriculum—like critical race theory, pornography, sexually explicit role-playing, and book burning.

NSBA President Viola Garcia insisted that “parents lack the expertise to decide what lessons their children should be taught. Professional educators need the autonomy to make these decisions for the parents. Parents who don’t understand this invade our school board meetings and badger us with objections to what we’re doing to their kids. This has got to stop.”

Garcia suggested that “the President should use his power as ruler of America to order these parents to cease and desist. If he can order employers to fire employees who won’t get vaccinated he can order the employers of these parents to fire them if they don’t stop terrorizing education professionals at these public meetings. What we hope the President will realize is that the type of parent who does these things is the same kind of person as those who tried to overthrow the government on January 6. They should be dealt with just as firmly and be made to pay a price for their discredited views.”

Former governor of Virginia and current candidate for another term, Terry McAuliffe agreed with the NSBA complaint, saying that “parents should pipedown and stay out of the schools’ way. They haven’t got the brains to handle the complex tasks of educating their children. That’s why parents send their kids to school. They need to just let the schools do their job as they see fit. If I’m reelected to another stint in the governor’s chair I’ll issue an executive order ensuring that teachers are free to teach whatever the school board tells them to teach and barring parents from interfering.”

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