Inflation a “High Class Problem”

By: John Semmens

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain voiced his “impatience with complaints about rising prices for food, gasoline, and other stuff. The fact is the American people spend too much on a lot of junk. This behavior is only possible because they have more money than they really need to survive. Billions of people around the world live on just a few dollars a day.”

“How can they do this?” Klain rhetorically asked. “Well, they don’t own expensive gadgets like most people in America do. They don’t own motor vehicles. They do most of their traveling on foot to destinations within walking distance. They go without electricity by rising with the sun and sleeping when it’s too dark to work. They supplement their diets by hunting and foraging. The vast majority of Americans followed a similar lifestyle a mere 200 years ago. Living simply is something that Americans could return to in order to offset the rising costs of inflation. The modern versions of this behavior could be foraging for the 40% of food that is thrown in the trash or hunting and eating the millions of feral rats, cats, and dogs that roam many of our communities.”

“Even if these older, simpler ways of living are unappealing, they may be the unpleasant-tasting tonic this country needs,” Klain declared. “This is the type of ‘build back better’ vision President Biden hopes to implement. One of the things that the inflation alarmists overlook is this Administration’s compassion for those unable or unwilling to exert the effort necessary to live even a simple life. The President and Democrats in Congress are trying to pass a $3.5 trillion appropriation that will ensure that the government will—like a dutiful parent—provide for all of its children.”

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