Meet Transportation Needs with High-Speed Rail

By: John Semmens

This week, President Biden took an Amtrak train to his alleged “home town” of Scranton, Pennsylvania where he boasted of logging two million miles as a rail passenger during his days in the US Senate. “I saved this country millions of gallons of gasoline and the tens of millions of dollars it would have cost me if I had driven myself.”

“It’s time for the pure selfishness that leads people to take their personal vehicles everywhere they go,” he said. “Be smart like I was and take the train. When you arrive at the train station take a taxi or Uber to your final destination. It’s simple and efficient.”

“As great as Amtrak is, though, we need to look to the future,” the President insisted. “The guys who have got it right are the Chinese. They are investing heavily in high-speed rail. We need to do the same if we hope to keep up with them. If we had a nationwide network of high-speed rail we wouldn’t be having the supply chain crisis that is blocking the shipment of goods from California ports to the rest of the country. Fortunately, the person I appointed as Secretary of Transportation knows this and will get right on it after he returns from parental leave.”

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