Biden’s Slander of Rittenhouse Excused

By: John Semmens

Despite the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse has no connections to any white supremacy organizations, the fact that the three rioters he shot in Kenosha were all white men with criminal records who were attempting to assault or kill him, and the fact that a jury found him not guilty for shooting them in self-defense, President Biden refuses to apologize for calling him a “white supremacist.”

Presidential Press Secretary Jen Psaki pointed out that “the occasion in which the President called Rittenhouse a white supremacist was at a campaign appearance during the 2020 election. The Supreme Court has long held that lying in order to win votes is protected political speech. Further, since his campaign for the presidency was successful he now has sovereign immunity. This means that he can say anything about anybody without being held liable for it. He can’t be sued and he doesn’t have to apologize as long as he remains in office.”

“Mr. Rittenhouse’s only options are to hope that Congress impeaches and removes President Biden from office—something that seems highly unlikely given that Democrats are the majority in both the House and Senate—or wait until the President serves out his allowed two terms,” Psaki said. “It seems more likely to me that the President will be dead or declared mentally incompetent before he serves two complete terms. Either way, he’d be immune from any damages Rittenhouse may suffer as a result of being slandered.”

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