Fauci: Attacks on Me Dangerous to Science

By: John Semmens

The man who has changed his direction more often than a weather vane is concerned that “attacks on me are dangerous to the field of science. Sure, I change my mind, but that is what true scientists do when new data arise. I know there must be tests and experiments to see what works and what doesn’t. However, there also needs to be a recognized expert who must be trusted to properly interpret the new data. I have been designated as that expert and it’s vitally important that our strategy for dealing with covid be united behind my interpretations.”

“For example, as a scientist I know that the kind of masks that are available to most people are an inadequate barrier to the virus and I said so back in March of 2020,” Fauci recalled. “But I soon realized that masks could be an important psychological security blanket for the masses. It enables them to do the risky things that still must be done during the pandemic to provide goods and services to society.”

“Similarly, I initially had high hopes for the vaccines,” the Doctor continued. “I thought, one course of treatment and everyone would be protected. It turns out it is more complicated. The haste with which the original vaccines were developed left insufficient time to ensure their safety and effectiveness. In some, the vaccines induce serious adverse effects. In others, the effectiveness wears off as the months since the last injection pass. This new data helped me realize that regular booster shots have to be a part of the process.”

“Now, the data indicate that people who are fully vaccinated are dying at a faster clip than the unvaccinated,” Fauci said. “It’s been a long and hard road, but it looks like our original 15-days to flatten the curve may have been the most effective measure. Lockdowns are returning as the best defense. Australia has been rigorously enforcing lockdowns of the unvaccinated. Austria has been putting the unvaccinated under house-arrest. Bold as these steps have been, it is clear that everyone—vaccinated or not must be lockeddown. Only complete isolation of everyone from everyone else can prevent the spread of covid. A small cadre of society’s most expendable must be required to endure the risk of producing and delivering life’s necessities to the rest of the population. It will be a difficult, but necessary transition from the kind of freedom we became addicted to in America. Nevertheless, it is our only chance for survival.”

In related news, Taiwan has suspended all vaccinations after an evaluation of data revealed that more of its population have died from vaccination (982) than have died from covid (831). Dr. Fauci called Taiwan’s response “hasty and ill-considered. A society in which some are vaccinated and some are not increases the variables and complicates our strategy to combat covid. A uniformly vaccinated world population reduces this one variable and simplifies the task. That is why Pfizer vaccinated all the clinical test subjects in the control group after three months of study.”

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