Waukesha Killing Spree Excused

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisolm defended the minuscule $1,000 bail set for Darrell Brooks for running over the mother of his child with a car, saying “freedom is not without risk. Brooks’ Waukesha killing spree was an unforeseeable consequence. I mean, what are the odds that he would accidentally drive his car into perfect strangers at a holiday parade?”

Well, according to Chisolm himself, the odds were pretty good. Back in 2007 he predicted that “there is going to be an individual I let go free who’s going to kill somebody. It’s guaranteed to happen.”

It’s not as if Brooks is just an ordinary guy who just had one bad day when he ran over his former girl friend. He has posted disturbing messages on social media calling for violence against white people, claimed “Hitler was right and did the world a favor by killing Jews,” and composed rap songs describing himself as a “terrorist” and “killer.”

So far, the casualties from his Kenosha rampage include six dead and 62 injured, many of those in critical condition. His expressed desire to harm white people and his zigzag path through the crowd on the curbs watching the parade would appear to rule out an accidental loss of control as the explanation for the tragedy. Nonetheless, Chisolm insists that “an innocent explanation may yet emerge as more information is gathered over the coming weeks.”

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