Gov Says Crime Surge “No Big Deal”

By: John Semmens

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif) took a few minutes of his Thanksgiving holiday in Mexico to chastise citizens for “whining about rising crime in the state. They carp about riots, looting, assaults, rapes, and murders. It’s no big deal. Get used to it. Learn to adapt to this new reality. You have options to protect yourself.”

“As governor, I have around the clock security provided for me at taxpayers’ expense,” he pointed out. “I wasn’t always governor. I won’t always be governor. Other citizens have the same opportunity to run and win these privileges accorded to the state’s most important person.”

“Even if running for governor isn’t for you, there are still other options you could take to protect yourself from crime,” he said. “Most of my friends live in gated-communities or walled-off estates. They hire their own armed security guards who accompany them wherever they go. Many travel in armor-plated cars with bullet-proof windows. These products and services are available to anyone willing and able to pay for them. And they provide much better protection than the police can.”

“We cannot let refusal to adapt to new circumstances thwart our determination to defund the police,” the Governor insisted. “The police killing spree aimed at minorities must be stopped. The pioneers who founded our state didn’t rely on police departments to protect them. They fended for themselves. A return to this type of self-reliance combined with strict gun controls is the progressive vision for both California and America. Those who can’t adapt are consigning themselves to extinction.”

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