Pfizer CEO Admits Vaccine Is Failing

By: John Semmens

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla appeared in a video with Yahoo Finance’s Anjalee Khemlani to discuss covid vaccines, boosters, and Omicron. During the discussion Bourla observed that “we know that the two doses of the vaccine offer very limited protection, if any.” He went on to recommend that people take more doses.

This nonsensical recommendation is made even more absurd by a leaked Pentagon document indicating that the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as treatments for covid were known to government health officials in May of 2020. Khemlani asked Bourla for his reaction to this.

“Yeah, we all knew the efficacy of any therapy would have torpedoed Operation Warp Speed’s success,” Bourla said. “For us to invest in creating the vaccine we needed three things. First was a guarantee that the government would buy our vaccine without insisting on the normal series of tests for safety and efficacy. Second was a guarantee of total immunity for any harm that might result from administering our inadequately tested formula. Third was the government’s assurance that there would be no recognition or approval of any therapy other than vaccination for dealing with covid and a ‘good faith’ effort to censor everyone who suggested that there is a viable alternative to the vaccine.”

“We did have a scary moment in early 2020 when President Trump called hydroxychloroquine a ‘game changer’ in the battle against the virus,” Bourla admitted. “Luckily, Trump is a notorious germaphobe and very trusting of doctors. Through Dr. Fauci’s perseverance, both publicly and behind the scenes, any further discussion of either hydroxy or ivermectin was mostly silenced and its advocates successfully portrayed as kooks and quacks. Pfizer went on to earn $30 billion from its vaccine in the first year with billions more to come now that boosters on a semi-annual basis are now virtually assured. Not only is this good for Pfizer. It’s also a great stimulant for the economy that was hard hit by the lockdowns that had to be imposed before our vaccine was available.”

When radio talk show host Clay Travis got a hold of a copy of the Bourla video and posted it to his website he was charged with copyright infringement by Pfizer’s lawyers who asserted that “Travis’ listeners are not the intended audience for Mr. Bourla’s remarks.”

In other bad news headed Pfizer’s way, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) now cautions that “too many covid booster shots may have an adverse effect on human immune systems, making the inoculated more vulnerable to other potential heath threats like myocarditis or cancer. Besides, the emergence of the very mild omicron variant and its rapid spread will enable the world to quickly and cheaply attain herd immunity and eliminate the need for any more boosters.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Rhia Kundu, of the National Heart & Lung Institute within Imperial College London said “our study found that high levels of pre-existing T cells, created by the body when infected with other human coronaviruses like the common cold, can protect against COVID-19 infection.” Co-author Professor Ajit Lalvani said “the study provides the clearest evidence to date that T cells induced by common cold coronaviruses play a protective role against SARS-CoV-2 infection. These T cells provide protection by attacking proteins within the virus, rather than the spike protein on its surface.”

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