Dems Favor Tyranny

A poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute found shockingly high percentages of registered Democrats favor harsh treatment of those who don’t obey government directives aimed at battling covid.

The mildest of repressive measures—house arrest of persons refusing to get vaccinated—was supported by 59% of Democrats. Confining the unvaccinated in internment camps like the ones Japanese-Americans were sent to by President Roosevelt during World War II or the ones Australia has now was supported by 45% of Democrats. Spying on and tracking the unvaccinated was supported by 47% of Democrats. Taking children away from their unvaccinated parents was supported by 29% of Democrats. Forty-eight percent of Democrats support fining or imprisoning individuals who publicly dispute the government’s narrative on covid or criticize its policies.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that “polls like this prove that average Americans want the kind of protection we been endeavoring to provide during the pandemic. Unlike in some other countries, we don’t have crowds in the streets protesting our policies. We have neighbors tattling on neighbors and courageous opinion makers like Don Lemon vilifying vaccine dissenters. It is reassuring to know we are on the right track. All that remains is to subdue the pesky and shrinking minority who have yet to comply with our demands.”

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