Biden Causing Chaos in Ukraine

By: John Semmens

Biden Causing Panic in Ukraine

President Biden’s efforts to insert himself into the tense situation in Ukraine drew a sharp rebuke from Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. Biden’s warning that “Ukraine is on the brink of being sacked by Russian troops” was rejected by Zelensky as “hysterical panic-mongering. We have already agreed to respect a previous truce with Russia and are working with Germany and France’s acting as mediators to try to reach a more definitive resolution of all the concerns of both sides.”

Press Secretary Jen Psaki characterized the agreement and negotiations as “illegitimate. Without the participation and approval of the United States any settlement will not be enforcible. Simply put, Putin must back down or we will sabotage his natural gas pipeline to western Europe.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ken) agreed with Zelensky that “President Biden needs to calm down and allow the most directly involved parties to reach a peaceful resolution. The American people don’t want a war. Threatening Russia is a dangerous gambit with very little chance of ending well. We didn’t like it when Russia put nuclear missiles just 90 miles off our shore in 1962. It should not be hard to understand that Russia may feel uneasy about Ukraine joining NATO and having US weapons and troops sent to Ukraine. Let’s give peace a chance.”

Not wanting to give Sen. Paul the satisfaction of seeing his sage advice influence the Biden Administration’s policy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) is hastily assembling legislation that would dramatically increase military aid to Ukraine. “We’re going to show the American people and the world that Democrats can more effectively engage the enemy than the Republicans did under President Bush. The wars that Bush unleashed in Afghanistan and Iraq lasted twenty years. The wars handled by Democratic presidents Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson were all over much more quickly and with better final results. The new war with Russia in Ukraine will add to the Democrats’ historic legacy as winners.”

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