Questioning President on Inflation Disrespectful

By: John Semmens

As the inflation that the President predicted would be “only temporary” six-months ago reached a 40 year high, NBC anchor Lester Holt was chastized by Biden as “a wise guy” for bringing the issue up in a recent interview.

“It’s disrespectful to throw my past words in my face, especially when the statement I made is incontrovertibly true,” Biden insisted. “Look, here’s the deal. Everything is temporary. Nothing goes on forever. The worst case of inflation in world history took place in Germany during the 1920s. That came to an end when their currency became worthless and a new Mark was established. That was followed by a boom during the 1930s when a huge government spending program revived their economy.”

“It’s the Republicans who are preventing us from following that successful model by blocking my ‘build back better’ legislation,” the President charged. “The $2 trillion in added spending would have infused our economy with the cash needed to pay the higher prices that inflation was inflicting on those least able to afford it. The opponents of my plan are the real villains in this crisis.”

Biden also rejected Holt’s question about an Army report that concluded the August Afghanistan withdrawal was not handled well. “I don’t know how they came to that conclusion,” he said. “My closest advisors have all reassured me that we did the best that we could. Only a few thousand US citizens were left behind. No one could’ve prevented that. I am shocked that our Army has maligned their Commander-in-Chief with a contradictory account.”

Afterward, the President chided Holt “for his disloyalty. Almost every media outlet is on-board with the official narrative on these issues. I can’t explain Holt’s deviation from it. I may have to have him replaced.”

In related news, Biden denied he is using “any ideological criteria” in the search for the next Supreme Court Justice. “As I have tried to make clear, the key factors will be race, gender, an ample bosom, and an arousing musky odor. Where a potential nominee stands on the Constitution and the law are irrelevant.”

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