US AG Sues Over Gun-Rights Law

by John Semmens

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he is suing the State of Missouri claiming its recently enacted law allowing gun-owners the right to sue state or federal officials if their Second Amendment rights are violated “is unconstitutional because it fails to conform with the ‘federal supremacy’ clause, Garland contended. “The right to bear arms is a federally granted right that cannot be altered or expanded upon by any state action.”

“Law enforcement works best when state and local officials fully comply with federal authorities,” the AG argued. “Often times nailing someone on a federal gun charge is the easiest first step toward getting dangerous people behind bars. Take the case of Patricia and Mark McCloskey who waved around firearms that posed a deadly threat to a group of peaceful protestors that broke into their property a couple of years ago. We mustn’t allow a law protecting their rights impede our efforts to put the McCloskeys in jail.”

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt called Garland’s example “a powerful argument in favor of the law he wants overturned. Protecting the right to self-defense is a fundamental objective of the Second Amendment. It is because of gun-control zealots like Biden and Garland that states must have their own statutes to deter federal efforts to strip citizens of these rights.”

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