Fauci Says More Lockdowns May Be Needed

By: John Semmens

The world’s foremost expert on covid warned that “a reinstitution of lockdowns and restrictions to fight covid may be necessary. To be honest, the pandemic is as bad as it ever was. The latest abandonment of restrictions by so many jurisdictions must be seen as temporary. An impatient American public must be placated between now and November in order to prevent the election of dissidents who will totally oppose the dramatic curtailments of freedom that are crucial to defeating the virus.”

“I ask people to take note of what China is doing as we are loosening mask mandates, vaccine passports, and censorship of misinformation,” the Doctor begged. “In China, whole cities are being locked down. Citizens are being forcibly vaccinated, and travel scaled back. China invented covid. They are the ultimate experts on this disease. If they are cracking down on personal freedoms how can we afford to take a different course?”

“I’m glad to see that the President’s new covid coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha has his head screwed on right,” Fauci observed. “He has endorsed vaccine passports as a necessary element of life going forward. It’s the only way we can ensure the appropriate differentiation between those who deserve access to the amenities society has to offer and those who don’t. People who have obeyed the command to get vaccinated need to be protected from those who haven’t. I think Dr. Jha will play a key role in seeing that this distinction is enforced.”

Fauci went on to commend New York City Mayor Eric Adams “for standing fast on the requirement for players on the Mets and Yankees to be vaccinated against covid if they want to play in City-owed ballparks. The success of the policy blocking Kyrie Irving from playing in home games at the Brooklyn Nets’ arena needs to be replicated across America. Sadly, the city authorities elsewhere don’t have the courage to make a similar stand for public health. Mayor Adams is a model for how government ought to work in a crisis.”

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