Psaki Insists “the President Knows Nothing”

As more of the content from Hunter Biden’s lost laptop becomes public knowledge the contention that President Biden was intimately involved in his son’s dubious business dealings seems hard to refute. The references to “the big guy’s cut” of the profits and the numerous photos of Joe’s beaming smile while standing next to Hunter and his business partners would seem to demolish the notion that his claim that “I’ve never talked to my son about his business dealings, not once” cannot be true. Then there’s the millions of dollars in income reported in his latest filing with the IRS. How do we account for all this evidence of potential corruption?

Well, Presidential Press Secretary Jen Psaki made a valiant effort “to straighten out all the misinformation being promulgated by his political enemies. First of all, the President is a very friendly guy who readily agrees to requests for a photo with nearly everyone who asks for one, no questions asked. Is it possible that some of Hunter’s business associates snuck into a few of the photos found on the laptop? Of course. Unless they announced that they were Hunter’s business associates there would’ve been no way for Joe to know. Even if they had, he forgets a lot of what he is told. So, his contention that he knows nothing of those business dealings could literally be true.”

“An overlooked alibi that refutes the allegations being made by Republicans is the fact that Joe was driving a long-haul semi-trailer truck for most of the time after he left the vice-presidency,” Psaki pointed out. “Being on the road for long stretches of time, his contact with family members was infrequent and brief—probably along the lines of ‘how have you been?’ or ‘how’s it going son?’ Such snippets cannot convey much information about his son’s business activities. His active truck driving is also a plausible explanation for the millions of dollars he earned during recent years. He’s a hard-working guy who took all the overtime he could get. That adds up to a lot of money over the course of a year.”

“I think the worst that can be said about the President is that he is excessively trusting of others,” she argued. “As former President Obama has said ‘Joe is not the sharpest tool in the box.’ It is easy to see how people would try to exploit that. Clearly, if there was any wrongdoing the President is among the victims, not the perpetrators.”

In related news, Democrats on the US House Government Oversight Committee rebuffed a GOP request to have Hunter Biden testify about his laptop on some of its contents. Chairwoman Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) called the request “an attempt to compel Mr. Biden to incriminate himself. It’s already bad enough that his laptop, a place that he thought was private and confidential, is now being used to incriminate him. Bringing him before the Committee and putting him under oath is cruel and unusual punishment for a President’s son. Unless he confesses of his own free will I see no need to further disturb him with politically-motivated queries. I wish the President would put and end the harassment by immediately pardoning his son, his brother James and anyone else implicated by the laptop.”

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