Arming Teachers Would Save Lives

By: John Semmens

Research carried out by the Homeland Security Institute at Purdue University shows that the presence of an armed school resource officer and having 5% to 10% of the teachers and staff trained to carry and use firearms can reduce fatalities in an active shooter situation by 80%. Furthermore, a recent poll by the Trafalgar Group found that 57% of voters say the absence of armed school staff members makes schools more dangerous. Thirty-one percent disagreed.

In Ohio they have a program called FASTER (Faculty/Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response). It was established after the 2012 mass shooting of students at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. In the decade since the FASTER program began there has never been an incident of an accidental discharge of a firearm by a teacher. Neither has there been an instance of a gun being taken by a student. Colorado has a similar program.

Despite the research results and voter support for this approach, most Democrats oppose arming any school staff. President Biden insists “it’s time we ban all assault weapons. This is not about taking away anyone’s guns. It’s about making it illegal to own them.”

In Texas, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke called for “confiscating all AR-15 and AK-47 rifles. If I were governor instead of the do-nothing Abbott, the shootings in the Uvalde elementary school would never have happened. I’m confident that the voters won’t make the mistake of reelecting this dud in November.”

In Florida, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist promised “to outlaw assault weapons the day I take office. I agree with Rep. Cicilline (D-RI). Spare me the bullshit about constitutional rights. Anyone who’s not insane knows it’s past time that we disarm those who have no need to own guns. When the police and armed forces are the only ones with guns no unauthorized mass shootings will be possible. Everyone who wants a safer future must vote Democrat this year.”

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