Dems Oppose Making Schools Harder Targets

By: John Semmens

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md) rejected suggestions that would make schools “harder targets” by training and arming some of the staff could be a sensible solution for deterring or countering massacres of students.

“I’m surprised my Republican colleagues find the idea of arming teachers an appealing option,” Hoyer said. “Isn’t it teachers who are ramming critical race theory down the throats of the students? Isn’t it teachers who are grooming kids to become homosexuals and transgenders? Isn’t it teachers who are having sex with students? Why would Republicans want to arm such people?”

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg called the idea that we can make our schools safer by making it harder for lunatics to get in and murder the children “insane. Trying to keep people out is racist and undemocratic. Whether it’s schools or our southern border, keeping people from illegally entering fosters animosity. Animosity is what motivates people to harm others. School doors need to remain open for all. I’d like to leave my doors open but there are too many people out there who want to hurt me because I’m gay. If the LGBTQ indoctrination at our schools is successful, one day gays will be the majority and I’ll feel safer leaving my doors open.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called hardening the target “a sensible option for improving school safety. The notion that outlawing guns can be effective is fatally flawed. People that are shooting people, that are killing kids, they’re not following murder laws. They’re not going to follow gun laws. Having decent, law-abiding individuals armed and trained would provide an extra layer of defense. As we saw at Uvalde, a good guy with a gun was what took down the shooter. Meanwhile, the city police sat by for more than a hour waiting for special equipment to arrive.”

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