Dem Wants Credit Card Data to Track Gun Purchases

By: John Semmens

New York City Mayor Eric Adams called for credit card companies to establish a merchant category code (MCC) for gun and ammunition stores, saying “the creation of a new code would enable financial institutions to help the government detect suspicious activity that may be tied to criminal purposes.”

Mastercard spokesman Seth Eisen was unenthusiastic about Adams’ proposal, calling it “a troubling invasion of privacy based on specious reasoning. Criminals don’t typically use credit cards to buy their guns. It leaves a too obvious paper trail. I can’t see this added scrutiny applied to law-abiding citizens as a useful tool in the effort to combat crime.”

Adams called Eisen “unqualified to comment on the methods police might choose to use to do their jobs. As we have seen from the President’s recent speech, seemingly law-abiding citizens who oppose his policies are potentially violent enemies of our democracy. An ability to crosscheck gun purchases with voter registrations would help us identify, disarm, and arrest these people before they can act on their evil intentions.”

In related news, government officials in New York are considering legislation that would require remote speed controllers to be installed in all new cars used in the state. “Speeding ruins lives, so we must take action to prevent it,” Mayor Adams said. “Giving the government the capability to remotely reduce the speed at which vehicles are traveling would be an innovative way of overcoming the inherent anarchy of allowing drivers to choose whether to obey the posted speed limits. Instead of having to rely on so-called speed traps to frighten or fine drivers into obeying we could directly control the cars via microwave transmissions.”

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