Democrats Lose Series of Debates

In New York

Sitting Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul squared off against GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin in a one hour televised debate. While Zeldin zeroed in on what he characterized as the Democrat’s policy failures–high crime rates, high tax rates, and pandemic oppression, Hochul remained unfazed, professing herself “mystified by Mr. Zeldin’s obsession with crime. Why is it so important to lock up criminals?”

She brushed off reporters’ questions on this topic by pointing out that “most of the malcontents opposed to the state’s criminal justice reform, high taxes, and covid coercion have already moved out of the state. Loyal Democrats out-number Republicans by a wide margin. There’s no way Zeldin can win.”

In Michigan

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon hammered incumbent Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her “tyrannical pandemic edicts,” saying “our children’s education was set back by lengthy school closures. Their health is endangered by government pressure to take the experimental covid vaccines even though they are at very low risk from the disease. She urged the people to ‘get the jab and get your liberties and freedoms back.'”

Whitmer responded by falsely alleging that “schools were only closed for three months” and promising “to ease up on coercion that is no longer necessary as the vast majority of the population has already been vaccinated. Voters can trust that in the future I would never do anything that isn’t for their own good.” A Michigan-based Fox affiliate weighed in on Whitmer’s behalf by running a commercial during Dixon’s opening statement.

In Pennsylvania

The inarticulate Democrat senate candidate John Fetterman blamed the closed captioning equipment he was allowed to use so his staff could feed him answers to the debate questions for his poor performance. An example of the “malfunctioning” device came when Fetterman was asked by a moderator to reconcile his 2018 statement that “I don’t support fracking, at all and I never have” with his current assertion that he does. “I do support fracking. And, I don’t, I don’t—I support fracking, and I stand, and I do support fracking.” Fetterman said.

Gary Weitman, Communications Officer for the station airing the debate asserted that “the equipment was not to blame for Mr. Fetterman’s debate disaster. CNN’s Chris Cuomo said “Fetterman struggled and his fitness for office is now in question.” In a poll of those who saw the debate 82% said GOP candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz won the debate. “The View” loudmouth Joy Behar, insisted that “Oz broke the Hippocratic oath of ‘do no harm.’ As a doctor he should have stepped aside and let Fetterman run unopposed because the disabled deserve representation in Congress and Fetterman clearly fits the bill.” The good news for Fetterman is that half of the mail-in votes were cast before the debate was aired.

In Arizona

Candidate for governor Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) refuses to debate GOP candidate Kari Lake. Hobbs said “a debate would be a strategic blunder for me. Lake is a communications expert with two decades of experience conveying ideas and information to voters. It’s a no-win proposition for me to face her. You know, a famous statesman once said ‘those who vote decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything.’ My strength lies in the fact that I am in charge of counting the votes. I’ll put my energy into this phase of the election. We’ll see who comes out on top November 8th.”

Prior to Hobbs snubbing the debate the race was too close to call. Since Hobbs’ refusal to debate has been noticed by voters, polls show Lake up by double digits. Whether Hobbs’ vote-counting expertise can overcome Lake’s apparent lead with voters remains to be seen.

By John Semmens

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