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The Arizona Conservative has been highlighted or mentioned on numerous radio and Internet programs, including Rush Limbaugh and Newsmax.

Our strength is our commentary on social and fiscal issues affecting Arizonans and Americans.

We provide election endorsements for primary and general elections. To gain our endorsement, a candidate should pursue the same principles our educators should be teaching to your children, an uncompromising commitment to

  • the sanctity of human life,

  • a view of the original intent of the U.S. Constitution (as opposed to the Left’s incorrect view of the “living document” that changes to suit radical goals),

  • free enterprise,

  • putting the taxpayers first and carefully and honestly stewarding our money,

  • lower taxes,

  • enforcement of immigration laws. Arizona is a border state, and we must stop drug smugglers from coming in, and we must insist that those wishing to immigrate here do so lawfully through the legal immigration process. We are a nation of immigrants, and we must honor our proud immigration history — while maintaining our integrity as a nation of laws.

  • commitment to marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Anthropologist J.D. Unwin proved that cultures abandoning marriage as the union of one man and one woman suffered decline; we have no excuse for following their folly. To thrive as a culture, we must hold up marriage as the union of a man and a woman as the ideal. We should not promote marriage “counterfeits” — and we should not extract taxes to fund these destructive behaviors. It is not compassionate or ethical to promote the decline of our culture, conceived in liberty and virtue. We as a nation and a state must strive for higher standards, not default to the lowest common denominator.

  • ethics and honesty. These are not relative or arbitrary. Stealing is wrong, killing is wrong, cheating is wrong, victimizing is wrong, abusing is wrong.

  • recognition of the truth about casino gambling: families and marriages are being broken apart by compulsive gambling, which profits off the backs of those who can least afford to waste money that could be paying utility and grocery bills. Ignoring the 8,000-pound elephant in the living room (Arizona is littered with dozens of Gamblers Anonymous groups), people are going to jail for embezzling from their employers to feed their gambling addictions. The negatives of casino gambling and lotteries far out-weight any positives. If gambling is so beneficial, why are poverty, unemployment, domestic violence and alcoholism still highly prevalent in areas around casinos?

Americans have the freedom to engage in behavior that is life-enhancing or self-destructive. But government leaders have no moral justification for forcing taxpayers to subsidize destructive behavior.  Educators have no moral justification for indoctrinating students to experiment in or celebrate destructive behavior. That is not compassion, and it is not the message our citizens and our young people need to hear.

We call on all Arizonans, all Americans to stand with us against the radical, counter-cultural Left, and to oppose the anti-American efforts of Left-Stream Media (don’t call them the mainstream media because they are not) and the American Civil Liberties Union and its campaign of lies and distortion about America’s Founding Fathers and the true meaning of the First Amendment. Religious freedom is intended to prevent government from interfering with religion. Government’s role is not to suppress the influence and presence of religion in the public life of the nation.  Our Founding Fathers believed that religion is the moral guide for our nation — including the government. But today, the government and public education are following a Godless, secular humanist worldview that is destined for failure because it is fatally flawed at its core. In fact, Gilbert and Scottsdale public school districts use curriculum that encourages unethical behavior. It’s no wonder our culture suffers from a moral and ethical crisis. Our schools and our culture should teach people to do the right thing. And it’s no great mystery what the right thing is.

This is not a call for a theocracy, as radical leftists say they fear we’re doing. Instead, it is a call to abandon a failing worldview subscribed to by persons in positions of authority who are forcing it on their constituents and students — to the detriment of our nation and our future. A change of course, a change of worldview represents progress and wisdom.

We must work to select good, virtuous, honest leaders. However, politics is downstream from culture. Our culture is suffering from the damage done by the mass media culture and those with destructive worldviews. We must all work to change this culture for the better. We must work with people who share our values. There is strength in numbers.

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  1. Ron Rinto

    I would like to know if Pelosi actually said these things. I am in a heated argument and I am a conservative. If yes, can you point me to information to back it up.


    Congress Exempts Self from Health Care Bill

    While the health care legislation recently passed by congress is deemed worthy enough to merit universal application to ordinary folks—in fact there are fines and prison sentences in store for those who would dare to refuse to participate—it apparently is not good enough for members of the federal government. Despite being given eleven different opportunities to amend the bill to include mandatory participation by members of congress, the Democratic majority voted every one of the amendments down.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explained that “the President said that people who are satisfied with their current health insurance don’t have to change. We in congress are satisfied with our insurance and, to be blunt, are in a position to ensure that we don’t have to change, because we make the laws.”

    The health insurance coverage enjoyed by members of congress has long been considered the “gold standard” for its extensive and generous benefits. Suggestions that it be used as a model for a national health care system for all Americans has been repeatedly rejected as infeasible due to its high cost.

    “It’s possible to cover a small minority, like congress, with the kind of benefits we all long for,” Pelosi said. “But it would be far too costly to try to provide it for everyone. It is essential to ensure that those who govern this great nation be kept in the best of health. To try to do the same for all is a luxury we cannot afford. Sometimes people just have to settle for less than they might want.”

  2. LeRoy

    SNOPES said the words attributed to Obama in the article below were never said by him. Is this true?

    JOHN SEMMENS: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

    Obama Scraps Idea of Billing Vets for Service-Related Injuries

    March 21, 2009

  3. Joan

    What words are you talking about? I don’t even see an article. But BHO was shamed (or forced) to scrap the idea of billing veterans’ private health insureres for service-related injuries. Not being a veteran himself, BHO doesn’t know anything about the military.

  4. Bev Miller

    Help. I quoted one of your articles as fact (5% Rule). Help me out. What real truth can I send when I explain to my friends that the original was satirical?

  5. Bruce A.


    Tell ’em it was satire, but that it seemed so “in character” for Dodd that the idea that it might be satire never crossed your mind!

  6. Carol

    You should never believe anything on line especially because if you didn’t hear for yourself then things can be changed to make papers sell even if it harms people basically because nobody really cares.

  7. Wesley Stinnett

    I had to write and tell you that I love the way you write! I was one third of the way thru
    your article about Diamond walnuts when I realized it was satire, I must say it sneaks up on a person because it it is probably what a politician would say if only truth was spoken!

  8. New Comedy Website for the Right

    Frederick, MD—March 1, 2012–If those on the political left want to go out to see left-minded comics then they are in luck: most comics are. If those on the political right want to see right minded comics, they might prefer to stay home. But those on the right might not need to go out because now there’s an on-line comedy website custom-made for them. It’s http://www.politicallyincorrectfun.com.

    It’s basically a low budget, one-man show run by founder, Matt Dunn. But it’s not stand-up comedy. “Exactly, in fact, if I behave myself, I’m allowed to sit and everything, and if a joke bombs–like that last one–there’s no one there to heckle me. Ain’t the internet great? Thanks Al Gore!” kids Mr. Dunn.

    Instead politicallyincorrectfun.com relies on different comic devices to lampoon the left. One is “chinsters.” “These are politically incorrect, stereotypical and sarcastic chin puppets that are truly offensive, yet somehow produce more joy than tree-huggers at a forest fire,” Mr. Dunn says. Some chinsters perform quasi-impersonations of political figures, such as Bill Clinton, Arianna Huffington and Charlie Rangel. The latter recently appearing on Politico.com. Others are Mr. Dunn’s own character inventions, such as “Chinster Pops,” “Chinster Tamika” and “Hard Hat Charlie Chinster.” Other devices include skits, observational humor, poems, letters, photo call-outs, bumper stickers, gags, audio bits, song spoofs, mask routines, FAQ’s and “a good dose of nonsense,” Mr. Dunn confesses.

    Political correctness, obviously, fuels much of the comedy; and the news media, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, big government, Obama‘s health care, global warming, affirmative action, gun control, reparations, the abortion rights and gay rights movements–along with the liberal champions of such causes–fuel it more. But the site isn’t entirely political,” Mr. Dunn points out. “All righties need to break away from the political, and they can find plenty of apolitical humor at http://www.politicallyincorrectfun.com, but until my mood improves—he-he!—right of center political satire will be the main focus.”

    “And that’s where there’s a real demand, I think. If one-half of Americans consider themselves right of center, and so few right-center comedy outlets exist , the need for one should be enormous, and I want to tap into that. I want to offer the right something they definitely want, need and deserve: a comedy outlet that will turn the tables on the left and give the right some long overdue laughs. All I want in return is a date with Condoleezza Rice, not much to ask!” Mr. Dunn jokes. Mr. Dunn has performed stand-up comedy in New York and Maryland; he has a B.A. in History/Political Science from S.U.N.Y.A; and he’s been published in The Record, The Atlantic City Press Newspaper, The Ridgewood News, The Ramsey Reporter, The Greenwich Time and The ASP.

    For more information, please contact:
    Matt Dunn


  9. Dr. Krecia Bain

    There is NO WAY that I am a BHO fan. However, there is this email floating around with RE: to an interview that is alleged to have taken place on Meet the Press. You most likely know the one, Sept. 7, 2008. A Gen. Ginn and BHO talking about our Flag and National Anthem and both were being dissed BHO. It is my policy to check these things out before I forward them and the research that I did said that BHO was not on Meet the Press on that day and that this information was satire written by you. Please shed the truth for me as I could not get back to 2008 in your sites archives.
    If you know of a site other than Urban Legend or snopes to verify articles and information of this nature please share that as well.
    Thank you for the work you do! Krecia

  10. Dr. Krecia Bain

    I understand about the satire. But did Mr. Semmons actually write the piece that I am referring to Sept. 7, 2008 RE: Gen. Ginn and BHO? That is my bottom line question. Thank you so much.

  11. jsmalone

    So…… You didn’t answer Dr. Bain’s question…. The question is NOT whether or not your articles are satire….. The question IS did YOU write the article about BHO and his feelings on the flag?

  12. In CD1, where the left wing Ann Kirkpatrick is trying to get back the seat, we have Payday Jonathan Paton running. However, Conservative, Independent Thinking Republican Doug Wade, a Yavapai County GOP member and long-time builder/businessman is gaining traction across CD1 with Tea Party and other conservative groups. During Vietnam, Wade volunteered for the Army – he didn’t wait to be called. Conservative, No Fear, Accomplished.


    is daily home delivery available? I am looking for a CONSERVATIVE daily home delivery newspaper. Can you help. Provide me name and telephone number or address. I do not want this e-mail stuff for a newspaper. I love to sit and read a good newspaper in the morning. I am FED UP with all of this LIBERAL B.S. HELP NEEDED, CHUCK COPELAND, ARIZONA CITY

  14. Kay

    Anything on the Judges? A quick tip sheet would be GREAT. I’m at 2 hours now and counting trying to figure out if these guys are keepers or nut cases. Thank you.

  15. Kay

    Central AZ Water Conservation District – if you want to help the farmers and ranchers – please write it up for these 5: Jean McGrath, Pamela Pickard, Lisa Atkins, Gayle Burns and Carrie Hamstra. Otherwise? Expect higher water bills and lower flush toilets with Goddard.

  16. Cheryl Oddo

    I posted a question earlier today regarding the article regarding the satire from Mr. Semmens of March 21, 2009. The Moderator didn’t see fit to post much less answer it. It is not accessible and several “fact checking” sights are referencing it as the actual origins in a chain email that is circulating for an Obama quote regarding veterans being charged for health services. All I, as Dr. Bain questions for another article, want to know is whether those are indeed articles and statements that originated from your Mr.Semmens. Why the hush hush?

  17. Sharon Kass

    FYI. Nov. 1-2, 2013 is the date of the next annual meeting of NARTH, the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, in Phoenix. I encourage you to attend, learn, and meet ex-gays.

    You can get on NARTH’s e-mailing list. See http://www.narth.com and info@narth.com.

    The normal-gay fraud, which I call GayScam, must be ended.

    See also http://www.gaytostraight.org, http://www.peoplecanchange.com, and http://www.josephnicolosi.com. Thank you.

    –Sharon Kass
    Washington, D.C.

  18. David Houston

    Dear sir

    We are planning to move out of the ghetto that is Michigan. I am a self employed patent attorney so my family and I can move anywhere. Do have a recommendation for a nice walkable conservative town in Arizona?

    1. arizona today

      Yes! Gilbert is a suburb of Phoenix and was in a recent year rated the 7th most conservative city in the U.S. and No. 1 in Arizona.

      Payson is a small mountain town about 80 miles NE of the Phx area and is conservative.

      Also explore Prescott.

      We look forward to having you and your family in Arizona!

  19. Pete

    The federal government leaders of today only pretend and speak to a degree that they care about the safety and welfare of the citizen. They will say of do anything that retains their power and control over our liberty. The President is not worried about gun control since he will not be running for this again.
    Freedom is not free and only will last as long as enough of us are willing to stand up against evil and face the onslaught that we will be faced with.
    My hope for our nation first off is a great revival and return to God. That we and the church especially would repent and stand on His Word in the Bible. Jesus Christ faced every form of opposition and evil we can thing of, but always pointed to God the FATHER and the eternal hope of heaven.
    We need healing and forgiveness between all people in our nation, between classes, race, and religion or no religion. Those that lead us often do more harm to divide us then to bring a true possibility of understanding and communication!
    Let’s pray and help one another out with anything, including money, food, provisions of any kind and be willing to share as each has a need. Read the 1st four chapter of ACTS in the Bible and see how the early followers of Jesus worked and cared for each other.
    I believe also that if we have a constitutional convention of the states, that a two-thirds majority could declare the Federal Government unconstitutional and help return us to our Declaration and Constitution.

    Blessings to you all,


  20. Hey guys!

    My name is Lauren and I am an Arizona native now working in DC for the Franklin Center doing blogger outreach. Just wondering if anyone was attending the Town Hall McCain is holding in Tucson today.

    Also, I am working on a school choice conference and I’d love to talk to you guys about it. I’d love to have your thoughts. lauren.bouton@franklincenterhq.org.

    February 12, 2014
    For more information Michael Auerbach – (480) 492-7553

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff, Endorses Michael Auerbach for Scottsdale City Council

    Scottsdale- City Council candidate Michael Auerbach today announces the Honorable Joe Arpaio has endorsed him for Scottsdale City Council.

    “Today I am pleased to endorse Michael Auerbach, Candidate for Scottsdale City Council 2014. Michael is a strong supporter of law enforcement and will be an advocate for public safety. I encourage you to support Michael in his run to ensure that Scottsdale maintains it low crime rating”.

    “Thank you Joe. It is humbling to receive such kind words from a law enforcement leader.” said Auerbach in response.

    You probably know him as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” In 1992, Arpaio successfully campaigned to become the Sheriff of Maricopa County. Since then he has been reelected to an unprecedented six 4-year terms. During his tenure as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arpaio has consistently earned high public approval ratings.

    In June of 2013, in response to citizens concerns about the future of Scottsdale, Auerbach filed his committee paperwork to run for the seat being vacated. Auerbach is a former Neighborhood Advisory Commissioner for the city of Scottsdale.

    # # #

  22. DAVE

    (azconservative.org), 27 Oct. 2007 THANK YOU

  23. J.M. Chapman

    Dear Mr. Semmens,

    Chuck Wooten is the only consistent conservative in Arizona’s Republican primary for CD2. While the other two candidates in CD2 are busy spouting the usual empty rhetoric, Chuck Wooten has been hard at work producing tangible actions and results. Indeed, he traveled to Washington D.C. at his own expense so he could be on hand to defend America’s number one close air support aircraft, the A-10. Oh, and did I mention the fact that he is the citizen who had the guts to stick up for veterans and taxpayers alike against Paul Ryan’s misguided alliance with liberal Patty Murray?

    It is not a stretch to say that Chuck Wooten has acted more like a Congressman in the last six months, than the entire sitting congress has for the last six years; and he hasn’t even been elected yet! Rest assured, with your support, he is only getting started!

    Other patriots have already taken notice of Wooten’s distinct and effective pattern, earning both their respect and their endorsements. Decorated military veterans, weary of seeing that which they fought and bled for destroyed wholesale, have pledged to fight alongside Wooten to repel the incessant tide eroding our liberties. Business leaders and citizens such as those who comprise the Northwest Conservatives, Seeing Red AZ, and yes, even the TEA Party Community know they can count on Wooten to support and defend the U.S. Constitution without reserve. Above all, they have confidence that Wooten will always and unflinchingly, do the right thing.

    I have personally had the opportunity to meet with Chuck Wooten on multiple occasions and I am convinced that he will bring integrity and a sense of service back to the halls of congress. Please contact him and consider publicly endorsing retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Chuck Wooten as the best choice in the Arizona Congressional District 2 Republican primary.

    J.M. Chapman
    Conservative in AZ CD2

    Wooten’s website address: http://www.wooten2014.com/?page_id=63

  24. Gary Wederspahn

    VoteSmart, a voter education organization I volunteer with, just launched a new online tool called Political Galaxy. It’ s taken hundreds of volunteers, students and academics from every state to build it. It lets you see the facts on any politician on any issue and is completely nonpartisan, powerful, fun, interactive, and easy to use.

    Check it out at votesmart.org.

    If you like it as much as I do, please share it.

  25. Greetings:

    Am curious if you are looking to add humor for your publication.

    Many are calling me a conservative Mike Royko and Tom Lehrer ( Goggle them for a bio).

    Also, just so you know, parody songs are allowed and are legal (Mad Magazine versus Irving Berlin).

    Yep, Mad won after the latter tried to sue them.

    This Army vet has a lot of these—with numerous volumes (see my work Boomers in the Home below) .

    Let me know when you have a moment.

    If interested feel free to make me an offer. I do this for the sheer enjoyment. It started in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and a duck and cover drill at George B. Swift Elementary, Mr.’s Jennings 4th grade class. Mad Magazine was my inspiration.


    Mike Riles

    Holy crap, I just saw Cher with Hillary trying to raise money for her campaign. Do I have a tune? Is the Pope Argentinian?

    To the tune Thieves, Thieves Tramps and Thieves.

    Saw Hillary there I just had to moan,
    she wasn’t alone,
    hey there’s Cher Bono.
    Dialing for dollars for MO MONEY!
    As if Hillary doesn’t have enough,
    probably more than Donald Trump.

    Liar, thief, en-able-er—
    She will be our president I GUAR-ON-TEE it.

    Marxism just wait and see.

    A female FIDEL—YO,

    our cities like Havana—-

    Marxist HELL HOLES!

    Newsflash: Former Gitmo detainee is now top ISIS recruiter.

    To the tune Let It Snow

    Well some GITMO guy was let go.
    He’s now HR for YOU KNOW.
    Nice shot Barak Obama.
    Let em go, just be nice, LIBS MANTRA.

    If you be nice’e nice with all them.
    Appeasement works in the end.
    Worked for Neville Chamberlain in Munich.
    Way to go, all you PROGS, full of S(BEEP).

    How and why did a Mongolian Wrestler loose it in Rio?
    He thought he won bronze but lost. Yep, freaked out by
    tearing his clothes off for the world to see.

    To the tune Girl from Impanepa

    He wrestled thinking that he had won IT,
    the Mongolian behemoth he then went bat S(BEEP)
    He saw that BRONZE
    was totally GONE,
    went DOWN.

    The way he freaked,
    was oh so unique,
    he did something like Gypsy Rose Lee
    stripped his clothes,
    to the boos and moans
    of the—CROWD.

    Oh what a memorable moment.
    Oh the rage he could not hold it.
    Tore his clothes off on the stage.

    Peeled them off in a fit of rage.
    A hell of a way to behave.

    Thankfully the games at Rio,
    no terror attacks to end a great show,
    Enjoyed it lots—-
    really loved it—mucho mucho.

    I have a lot of these and can parody any event in the news. Open up the link to my book Boomers in the Home and read the bio if you wish. I am up to volume 81, each 200 pages in length. Again, parody’s are legal.

    Caution: I am conservative, 65. white, male and an Army VET who was recruited by NSA due to Russian language proclivity who lived in what was West Berlin, Germany (1977-1981).

    I can send more material and a bio if you wish.

    I will entertain any offers to work for you if you wish. As my bumper sticker reads:

    I will work to feed my ego.


    Mike Riles

    Here is a link to a radio show I was on.






    983 Fox Valley Trail
    Stone Mountain, Ga 30088


    1. America Today


      Send us some of your stuff and we will consider publishing it. Just post it in reply and I’ll take a look. Thank you!

      1. Greg F.

        >>Can you use this?<<

        Acting with uncharacteristic speed, special prosecutor Robert Mueller today announced the indictment of two additional Russian nationals.

        The indictment alleges that the two women colluded over the past several years, including the period leading up to the 2016 elections, to meddle in efforts to deny U.S. women figure skaters medals in the 2017 World Championships as well as the 2018 Olympics.

        Both women currently are figure skaters competing for Olympic Athlete from Russia in Pyeonyang, Korea, and are Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedova.

        The indictment specifically alleges that one, Medvedova said publicly that she was working very hard to do her best for her own personal accomplishments. However, in a conversation taped by an unnamed FBI agent serving overseas, she stated in a conversation to Zagitova that she would add enough triple axel jumps to her long form routine in order to "beat the $hit out of the other skaters including the “soft” Americans." Zagitova agreed to practice with her in furtherance of this scheme.

        In an unusual diplomatic move, Mueller is expected to call on the White House to demand that the Republic of Korea turn over the skaters to the U.S. authorities "immediately and forthwith" for transportation and processing in the U.S. "Only swift and decisive action by this administration will prove that this administration's commitment to curtailment of the dangerous Russian threat to dominance in women's figure skating" said Mueller in a prepared statement. He was not asked what he would do about the other three skaters in front of the U.S. team.

        The White House could not be reached for comment.


  26. Kathy Piazza & Peter

    My husband and I would like to join the conservative party in Tucson AZ. My name is Kathy Piazza and my husbands name is Peter Piazza. Thank you.
    Peters phone number is 518-331-1292

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