2020 Arizona Primary Election Results

Republican Martha McSally easily defeated Daniel McCarthy Tuesday, claiming 76 percent of the votes cast. Just 49 percent of the votes are in, but this race is mathematically over. She will face off against leftist Mark Kelly, who was unopposed in the primary, in November’s general election.

In Congressional District 1, Tiffany Shedd is leading Nolan Reidhead by 10,347 votes. The winner will challenge incumbent leftist Tom O’Halleran, who has a comfortable lead over a challenger, in November. This seat would be a huge pick-up for the GOP in its attempt to restore order to the U.S. House of Representatives, currently misguided by Nancy Pelosi.

In Congressional District 2, Republican Brandon Martin leads Noran Eric Ruden by 6,131 votes.

Republicans running unopposed were Daniel Wood in CD 3, inncumbent Andy Biggs in CD 5, incumbent David Schweikert in CD 6, Joshua Barnett in CD 7 and incumbent Debbie Lesko in CD 8.

Incumbent Paul Gosar holds a commanding lead of 27,000 votes over Ann Marie War in Congressional District 4.

Dave Giles is up by nearly 14,000 votes on Sam Huang in CD 9.

State Senate

Long-time conservative legislator Sylvia Allen is in danger of losing the District 6 race to Wendy Rogers, who leads her by 4,754 votes.

In the District 15 Senate race, long-time lawmaker Nancy Barto is clinging to a lead of 935 votes over Heather Carter.

In Senate District 22, David Livingston is on his way to victory over Nguyen with a huge lead.

Michelle Ugenti-Ria is beating Alexander Kolodin by nearly 8,000 votes in District 23.

State House

Republican leaders include:

Quang Nguyen and Judy Burges in District 1.

Regina Cobb and Leo Biasiucci in District 5.

Walter Blackman and Brenda Barton in District 6.

Jim Parks and David Peelman in D7.

David Cook and Neal Carter (by 30 votes over Frank Pratt) in D8.

Michael Hicks and Mabelle Gummere in D10.

Mark Finchem and Bret Roberts in D11.

Travis Grantham and Jake Hoffman in D12.

Tim Dunn and Joanne Osborne (by 448 votes over Steve Montenegro) in D13.

Gail Griffin and Becky Nutt in D14.

Steve Kaiser and Jacob Wilmeth in D15.

Jacqueline Parker and John Fillmore in D16.

Jeff Wenninger and Liz Harris in D17.

Anthony Kern and Shawna Bolick in D20.

Kevin Payne (+2 votes) and Beverly Pingerelli in D21.

Frank Carroll (+158) and Ben Toma in D22.

John Kavanaugh and Joseph Chaplik in D23.

Rusty Bowers and Michelle Udall in D25.

Bill Loughrige and Marcus Siffuentes in D26.

Ken Bowers and Jana Jackson in D28.

Billy Bragg and Helen Fokszanskyj-Conti in D29.

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