Latest Updates on 2020 Arizona Primary Elections

The Arizona Secretary of State’s office is reporting, as of Thursday morning, that 50 percent of the primary votes have been counted.

In contested Republican congressional primary races:

Tiffany Shedd leads Nolan Reidhead by 5,207 votes in District 1;

Brandon Martin leads Noran Eric Ruden by 6,285 votes in District 2;

Paul Gosar leads Ann Marie Ward by 28,006 votes in District 4;

Dave Giles leads Sam Huang by 13,989 votes in District 9.

Long-time state lawmaker Sylvia Allen is losing to challenger Wendy Rogers for the Arizona Senate in District 6 by 4840 votes.

In Senate District 15, veteran lawmaker Nancy Barton has a slim lead of 956 votes over Heather Carter.

In the District 8 race for GOP AZ Representative, David Cook, Frank Pratt and Neal Carter are ranked in that order and locked in a very close race for two seats. Pratt leads Carter for the second position by only 40 votes.

Former legislator Steve Montenegro is 392 votes behind Joanne Osborne in the race for the second representative spot in District 13. Tim Dunn has a comfortable lead.

In District 23, veteran lawmaker Jay Lawrence is in third place for a representative slot, trailing Joseph Chaplik by 643 votes.

Eric Sloan leads Lea Marquez Peterson by more than 54,000 votes in an Arizona Corporation Commissioner race, though will advance to November’s general election.

The Arizona Conservative will continue to monitor and report election results through to the end of vote counting in days to come.


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