Fauci Dodges Accountability

By: John Semmens

Time has not be kind to the concoction of measures Dr. Anthony Fauci recommended and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) approved for dealing with the covid pandemic. Experience and research has shown that masks don’t work, the lockdowns did more harm than good, and the vaccines have failed to prevent their recipients from becoming infected and transmitting the virus to others.

When questioned at a Senate hearing, Fauci declared himself free of any blame, saying “I was only following the CDC guidelines.” Challenged by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ken) who contended that “I don’t see how following guidelines you had a major hand in designing absolves you of responsibility,” Fauci pointed out that “I, as well as Drs. Redfield and Walensky, are government employees. As such we are covered by sovereign immunity and cannot be personally held responsible for anything done in our official capacities.”

Fauci went on to argue that “the real villains during this pandemic are the naysayers who rejected official policy and worked to spread disloyalty by disseminating misinformation. The research they presented was never approved by the CDC. Yet, they used their positions as doctors, scientists, and professors as a pseudo validation to try to undermine the approved official narrative. If there is anything to blame the government for it is the failure to use its considerable might to more thoroughly censor and punish deviant opinions issuing from anyone who has not followed the science, and by science, I mean me.”

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