You Tube Demands Legal Censorship Authority

By: John Semmens

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, praised “the informal cooperation that has enabled the government and our company to censor unacceptable ideas from being posted on our platform. However, the lack of a specific law specifying that it is legal for us to do this leaves our company liable to being sued. Knowing how big CYA is in government circles, they could always weasel out on the informal agreement and disavow any knowledge of our actions. Following former President Reagan’s advice ‘to trust, but verify,’ we’d appreciate it if Congress could formalize the relationship by passing a law that legitimizes it.”

Presidential Press Secretary Jen Psaki expressed sympathy “for Wojcicki’s dilemma,” but said “other priorities come first. Like the Mission Impossible introduction, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter must bear the risk as a matter of patriotism. The President and the federal government must always have the option to deny any knowledge of, much less approval for, the unconstitutional suppression of freedom of speech that occurs on their platforms. These businesses have huge financial resources with which to pay damages and must trust that the President will pardon them if any prison sentences are handed out for their illegal actions.”

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